Soccer Coach Arrested After Allegedly Fathering 15-Year-Old Former Player's Baby

He allegedly coerced the teen into having sex.

A soccer coach at a Philadelphia-owned playground was arrested this week after he allegedly fathered a 15-year-old former player’s baby.

Francisco Prado-Contreras, 39, paid the teen to have sex with him and then got her pregnant, according to police. 

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According to reports, the teen played soccer for Prado-Contreras and asked him for a job with a house-cleaning service he runs.

After going to work for him, the teen told police that Prado-Contreras coerced her into having sex for money five times.

Prado-Contreras was arrested and faces charges including statutory sexual assault.

On Tuesday, the city’s Department of Human Services received a report that the girl has a 7-month-old child and notified police.

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Philadelphia Parks and Recreation said police have told them not to give Prado-Contreras access to any facilities and say he’s been suspended indefinitely from all his youth coaching activities.

Prado-Contreras' bail was set at $750,000.

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