The Tragic Fall From Grace in Erin Moran's Final Years

Moran, 56, was found dead Saturday.

More has been revealed about the final years Happy Days star Erin Moran, who died Saturday at an Indiana trailer park after fading out of the spotlight, according to reports.

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Moran's passing came after years of tough living. She was found dead Saturday in her home by emergency workers responding to a 911 call to the Harrison County Sheriff's Department.

According to a statement released by the Harrison County Coroner’s office Monday, an autopsy revealed that Moran "likely succumbed to complications of stage 4 cancer."

“I got a phone call that said, ‘Erin has passed away,” Marion Ross, who played her TV mom, Marion Cunningham, on Happy Days, cried as she told Inside Edition. “I was very close to Erin and I never expected this to happen.”

Ross added that Moran was "a wonderful girl."

Ross said Moran’s drug abuse began as Happy Days was coming to an end.

“We could tell she was taking something or smoking something we wanted to do some kind of intervention,” she told Inside Edition.

But Moran rebuffed her TV mom.

“I said, ‘Erin we're all talking about you and your trouble’ and she would say, ‘I don't know what you mean. I don't know what you mean’ and then she would start to cry,” Ross recalled.

Scott Baio, her former co-star from Happy Days and her spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi, told Inside Edition in 2012 he could not help her.

“I try not to get involved in people's lives. You make your bed you got to sleep in it. I don't know how to help people,” he said.

Inside Edition found Moran living in an Indiana trailer park in 2012, which was owned by her mother-in-law. Her situation came after she lost her California home to foreclosure in 2010.

At the time, her husband, Steve Fleishmann, worked at a local Walmart.

She started acting at six years old and rose to fame on Happy Days, playing Ron Howard’s little sister, Joanie.

Her character was so popular that she was later given her own spin-off, Joanie Loves Chachi, opposite Scott Baio in 1982.

The show was cancelled after two seasons and Moran became yet another once famous child actress who had fallen on hard times. 

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She was last seen on national TV in 2008 on Celebrity Fit Club. Moran struggled with depression, alcohol, and drugs.

Her friend Nick Paros told Inside Edition that she felt abandoned by Hollywood.

"She was a little disheartened," Paros said. "She felt kind of like outcast that none of them ever got hold of her — wrote her off [and] left her, you know, in the dust.”

People magazine reported that to keep her alive during her final days, Moran was fed through a gastro-intestinal tube in her throat.

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