'Hiccup Girl' Charged With Murder

INSIDE EDITION sits down with the young woman in prison known as the ‘hiccup girl’ who is awaiting her trial for murder. She says she’s innocent.

Jennifer Mee,19, was once the fresh-faced teen affectionately known around the world as 'Hiccup Girl.' Now she's charged with murder.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd interviewed Mee from her jail outside Tampa where she's awaiting trial.

"America fell in love with you. And now here you are charged with murder," said Boyd.

"I went down the path of the devil," said Mee.

In 2007, Mee gained international notoriety for her severe case of non-stop hiccupping at a rate of 50 hiccups a minute.

She tried all sorts of remedies. In the INSIDE EDITION newsroom, she stood on her head, held her breath and hopped on one foot, and nothing worked.  

She suffered with the baffling condition for months until the hiccups just stopped on their own. But her new found celebrity became an even bigger problem.

"I let my ego go to my head. I was nationally known all around the world as the 'Hiccup Girl.' No one could tell me anything," said Mee.

Mee rebelled, and moved out of her home. She says she started hanging out with the wrong people and got caught up with the wrong crowd.

In October 2010, cops say Mee met 22-year-old Shannon Griffin online and lured him to a St. Petersburg home, where he was shot and killed, allegedly by two of her friends.

When Mee was arrested, police say she told them conflicting stories but finally admitted her involvement in a robbery gone bad. But Mee told INSIDE EDITON she wasn't even there.

 "Jennifer your story keeps changing. Why should I believe you?" asked Boyd.

"I want everybody to believe my story because this is not a place for me. I don't belong here. I'm innocent, I had done nothing wrong at all," Mee said.

While she is behind bars she says once again she is suffering from bouts of hiccups.

"I think the hiccups has to do with stress and anxiety," explained Mee.

But Mee now has a lot more to worry about than hiccups; she is facing life in prison if convicted.

"On any level do you believe you deserve some punishment for your role in all of this?" Boyd asked.

"I'd be wrong to say no. I just hope and pray that I'll be able to go home," said Mee.