Homeless Pit Bull Rescued in the Middle of a Storm After Giving Birth to 8 Puppies

Neighbors had been trying to help the mother pit bull for three months, but each time she would run away.

A homeless pit bull that gave birth in a dirty den during a storm now has a roof over her head thanks to a dedicated group of rescuers.

During a recent thunderstorm in Southern California, the Hope for Paws rescue organization received a phone call about a stray pit bull that had given birth.

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In the pouring rain, rescuers Loreta Frankonyte, Lisa Arturo and Eldad Hagar drove three-and-a-half hours to track down the new mom and her puppies.

Neighbors had been trying to help the mother pit bull for three months, but each time, she would run away.

When the team arrived, they searched through bushes and found her in a hidden, dirty den alongside a crushed beer can. She looked terrified in the dark, surrounded by her crying pups.

After feeding the mom, petting her and putting her on a leash, the rescuers started to collect the newborns.

One by one, all eight were rescued, with the help of encouraging words and a little bit of tugging. The mom, later named “Rainbow,” was then carefully taken to the vet in Hollywood.

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But when they got there, the storm had gotten so rough that the power was out. Undeterred, the team went to work with the help of flashlights.

They reunited the pups with Rainbow and later provided her with a bed so she could snuggle with her five girls and three boys, all named after the storm.

Now, six weeks later, Thunder, Breezy, Misty, Raindrop, Flash, Bolt, Stormy, and Droplet are all healthy and ready to be adopted through TheLittleRedDog.com.

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