Coffin Floats to Surface at Cemetery After South Carolina Floods

The eerie symptom of record rainfall emerged from a Georgetown County cemetery Monday.

Record rainfall caused an eerie scene in South Carolina this week as floodwaters inundated a cemetery.

At least one coffin floated to the surface of the graveyard in Georgetown County Monday, forcing family members to tend to American flags and flowers adorning the monument before they were lost.

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Those family members also told WCSC that this isn't the first time the casket has surfaced.

They were faced with a similar problem during Hurricane Matthew, which tore through the region after devastating Haiti seven months ago.

Family said they aren't sure how to fix the problem.

"Well it's an eerie feeling in your stomach," Henry Gibson told WCSC. "Like I was saying earlier when they put him back down last time... I know they did a good job. So I don't know why he's coming back up again."

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Monday's rains were the worst the Charleston area has experienced since Matthew and even bested all time one-day precipitation totals as three inches had fallen before the day was even over.

In addition to the cemetery, several neighborhoods in the area were flooded. Drier conditions were expected for Tuesday.

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