New Video Shows Dr. David Dao Boarding United Flight Before Being Dragged Off

The incident happened on April 9 and sparked global outrage.

A new video has surfaced of Dr. David Dao calmly boarding the now-infamous United Airlines flight before he was violently dragged off the plane.

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In the video, his wife was right behind him.

After taking their seats, the crew announced the flight was overbooked and they were looking for volunteers to give up their seat for a crew member. When Dr. Dao’s name was randomly picked, he was told to give up his seat, which he refused to do.

He was later dragged off the plane, and video of the incident, recorded by other passengers, was posted online.

The new video also shows Dr. Dao's wife, Teresa, leaving the plane after her husband was dragged away. She then got back on.

The police radio call from the April 9 incident has also been released. In it, the dispatcher asked a caller: "Any information? Were they drinking? Were they doing anything like that?"

“No. It’s something with an oversold involunteer. Something like that," the caller said.

The dispatcher then asked the caller: “You booked the flight. This is a departing flight? "

The caller replied that they did book the flight and it is a departing flight.

Meanwhile, a newly released incident report sheds new light on what happened.

Aviation police officer James Long, who was seen pulling Dao, claimed in the report that the doctor put up resistance.

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Supposedly he “folded his arms tightly” and “started swinging his arms up and down with a closed fist."

The report goes on to say that the 67-year-old Dao shoved the officer’s arm away "which caused [Dr. Dao] to fall, hit, and injure his mouth on the armrest on the other side of the aisle."

Dao's attorney calls the allegations “utter nonsense."

United Airlines later apologized for what happened to the passenger. 

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