Cop Responds to Noise Complaint, Ends Up Giving Kids a Salsa Dancing Lesson

Rather than shut the party down, the cop joined it.

A police officer called to a noise complaint in a Texas town failed to shut down the party — and joined it instead.

A neighbor called police about the loud music playing from a children's dance club in San Antonio at about 1 a.m. Sunday.

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But when police arrived, they didn't turn the music off. Instead, one of the officers taught the kids how to salsa dance.

Leslie Sapp, who runs the Next Generation Dance Crew, said the officer asked her to play a song and when the music started, he broke out his moves.

In a video she posted to Facebook, the police officer is seen taking her daughter by the hand and dancing with her.

"Super cool of him," she wrote on Facebook.

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The Next Generation Dance Crew aims to inspire and encourage youth to express themselves through dance, which is exactly what the officer did.

"There is a lot of negativity in the world when it comes to cops, and he broke that stereotype," Sapp told KSAT. "He didn’t have to take his time to do that and could have just (gone) in and shut it down."

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