Brother Dresses Up as Prince Charming in Adorable Photo Shoot With Little Sister, 5, as Snow White

He wanted to surprise his little sister.

An Ohio teen and his little sister dressed up as Prince Charming and Snow White in a cute photo shoot shot by their mom.

Christina Angel said her son, 13-year-old Anthony, approached his mom, asking her to get him the Disney-themed costume so he could surprise his 5-year-old sister, Belle.

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“He’s got a very special bond with her and she’s very effervescent and light and joyful. She runs around in Disney princess dresses all the time,” Angel told

Angel was more than happy to grant her son’s wish because she knows the special bond the pair holds.

Anthony even surprised his sister with a Snow White dress and asked his mom to take them to a park to do a photo shoot of them in the costumes — all a surprise for little Belle.

“It was a big surprise. She squealed, had little hands up at the face kind of thing, and we went to the local college. They have a little garden there,” Angel said.

Angel said Belle was ecstatic during the photo shoot.  

“You can see in the pictures all over her face she’s got that kind of excited smile in all of them,” Angel said.

Angel explained that Anthony suffers from depression and Belle brings him joy with her bubbly personality.

“She is a little ray of sunshine," Angel said. "She is constantly bounding around and smiling and making funny noises and trying to get people to laugh. So he’s drawn to her because they balance each other out. He’s the one that tucks her into bed at night and he pretends to sprinkle magic salt so she doesn’t get bad dreams. They are very, very close."

Angel, who has seven children, said they are all huge Disney fans.

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"I grew up watching the movies. We hit really hard financial times a few years ago and we didn’t have anything. So all we had was a TV and an old VC," Angel said. "My grandma had all of the old Disney movies on VHS. So that was all the kids watched for like six- or eight-straight months.

With seven siblings of her own, Angel said she makes sure to drive home to them how important the sibling bond is.

“When I'm gone someday, all they are going to have left is each other so I want them to stay close,” Angel said.

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