Rescue of Elderly Man Attempting to Jump Off Roof Captured in Harrowing Bodycam Footage

The cop could be seen dashing up three flights of stairs and grabbing the elderly man by the waist in the nick of time.

Police bodycam footage captured the heart-stopping rescue of a Connecticut man attempting to jump to his death.

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Officer Justin Martin of the Hamden Police Department can be seen in the video dashing up three flights of stairs, and grabbing the elderly man in the nick of time, just as he was attempting to dive off the 6th floor roof.

According to the police department’s Facebook page, Martin was at the retirement home last week responding to a call about a “combative resident.”

As he met with the retirement home’s staff and the elderly male resident, the man suddenly took off running toward the stairwell.

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Although Martin was able to pull him to safety, the department reported that the elderly man continued pulling away and kicking after he was rescued.

The man was later transported to a local hospital for evaluation.

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