Overdosing Driver Crashes Into Veteran's Monument: Cops

The couple were revived after allegedly OD'ing on opioids in Dayton, Kentucky on Monday.

While reports of people found overdosing on opioids in parked vehicles remain sadly common across America, a story out of Kentucky added an even sadder twist this week.

According to police in the tiny town of Dayton, a driver and passenger were in a moving car Monday while overdosing.

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Witnesses told WKRC the car was going slowly at first before speeding up and then crashing into the town's veteran's memorial monument.

Bystanders found the couple in the car unresponsive. Authorities arrived and administered the drug Narcan, resuscitating the duo.

Christopher Marshall and his passenger, Lori Kirchiner, both of Cleves, Ohio, were taken to a hospital for treatment and have since been charged, Dayton PD said.

Police cited Kirchiner for public intoxication.

Marshall, who cops say was the driver, was charged with operating on a suspended license, failure to produce inurance card, wanton engangerment, operating a motor vehicle while under the influence, reckless driving and possession of marijuana.

Meanwhile, while Dayton residents are relieved no one was injured, they are angry both because the of the damage done to their monument and because they say something strangely similar has happened in their little town before.

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Just two months ago, a car driven by a person cops say was overdosing crashed into a building in the town of just around 5,000 people.

That driver, too, was revived with Narcan.

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