4 White Tiger Cubs Are Growing Up Healthy at Zoo: 'I Feel Like I Am the Father'

Look at these cuties!

Four little white tiger cubs were revealed publicly for the first time at a zoo in Austria Wednesday.

Falco, Toto, Mia and Mautzi were born on March 22 at Weisser Zoo weighing just two pounds.

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The cubs, which now weigh 11 pounds each, were all born healthy, which is quite a feat since zookeeper Herbert Eder said for a white tiger to be born in the first place is rare enough.

"I feel like I am the father, because for us it's so happy when we see everything after the birth is fine," Eder said. "They are still alive and we don't need a veterinarian doctor and we don't need any help. The mother makes everything alone. It's fantastic."

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He said he refuses to sell his white tigers to the highest bidder but instead donates them to zoos around the world that will offer them the best environment once they are grown up, according to APTN.

The new additions to the zoo will be on public display twice a day from Saturday.

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