INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander's Baby Shower

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander shares some moments from her baby shower hosted by our very own news anchor Deborah Norville.

The fabulous Deborah Norville very kindly threw me a baby shower recently!

Now, beyond just being a fantastic News Anchor, she is also known for her yarn line, crafts, inspirational books and more. So, true to form, she decorated a conference room in our office building, stocked the place with food and invited the entire staff at INSIDE EDITION to participate. I was so touched!

From the handmade booties she knitted for me to the yummy cupcakes, it was a beautiful shower. It makes me ready to meet the baby boy!

My husband, Brian, showed up with a thank you surprise gift for Deborah, and we filmed a bit of it so you all can enjoy. Check it out right here!

By the way, why do they call it a "shower?" Because it's a showering of gifts for the soon-to-be new mom. And I certainly felt showered with love.

Enjoy friends and thanks for watching! 8 months and counting…

- Megan