Couple Holds Gender Reveal Photo Shoot For Their Newest Addition: Raven the Puppy

Kennedy and Jake had a photo shoot based on a gender reveal idea for their new puppy, Raven.

This gender reveal photo shoot had a shocking — and adorable — twist.

Kennedy Sartwell and her boyfriend, Jake Terry were seen in charming photos, opening a box to release pink balloons to announce the gender of their latest addition: A puppy.

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And who better to take the photos than Kennedy’s own mother, Cristy Sartwell, a professional photographer in Missouri.

The couple, who have been together for five years, came up with the idea before they even found the puppy.

But it wasn’t long before Kennedy, 19, and Jake, 20, found a local woman selling black Labrador-German shepherd mixed puppies for a small $50 re-homing fee. They chose a female and named her Raven.  

“When she found the puppy, she rolled with it and asked for help,” Cristy said.

The photos show the couple opening a gender reveal box and their surprised faces as pink balloons escape.

Other pictures show the duo hugging and kissing the puppy, playing with her, and even holding her paws as if she was walking for the first time.

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She may be adorable, but Raven didn't fully behave during the shoot. She kept getting distracted by dandelions, her owners said.

“We had to chase her for the entire photo shoot,” Kennedy said.

When Cristy shared the images to her Facebook page, they were an instant hit, even though they were originally intended only for friends and family.

“We had no idea it was going to go crazy, but it showed how much everybody loves their pets,” Cristy said.

Raven now has her own Instagram, @mylittleraven17, and if her gender reveal photos are anything to go by, the pup is clearly a natural in front of the camera.

“It was the puppy’s show," Kennedy said. "We just went with it, honestly."

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