Teacher Faces Statutory Rape Investigation

After seeking protection from the father of her children, a mother now faces a statutory rape investigation for allegedly having sex with a man who is also allegedly her 15-year-old student. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

35-year-old mother Anne Montgomery is under investigation for statutory rape. She allegedly began having sex with a man when he was just 15 and had two children with him.

Her purported affair with Brandon Moore did not become public until she sought and won an order of protection against him, claiming he'd abused her.

"She reached a point where she could no longer live being terrorized," said Montgomery's laywer Erin Brown.

On the advice of counsel, Montgomery left the talking to Brown, who is well aware that her client could wind up behind bars for bringing this matter to light.

 "She has shown the world that no matter what comes, she is going to protect her girls," said Brown.

The alleged affair began when Montgomery was a dance teacher at Sharpstown High School in Texas, where Moore was her student.

"It started out as a sexual relationship in 2006, when I was underage, between 15 and 16," Moore told INSIDE EDITION.

Moore, 20, says he later moved in with Montgomery and was in love with her.

Montgomery shared a recording of a recent phone conversation with an out-of-control Moore, arguing about the children.

Montgomery: "For the past 30 minutes, you've been screaming at me and I've been sitting in my--- ."

Moore: "I don't care! You deserve to be screamed at! You deserve to be behind bars. Thinkin' about what the [expletive] you've done!"

Moore: "You are part of the sex offenders, that's what the [expletive] you're part of!"

Moore has been ordered to attend anger management classes. He admits he became physically abusive with Montgomery, but not with the children.

"I never wanted it to go this far. That's why I never went to the police," Moore said. "All I want is my fair rights to my children."

Meanwhile, Montgomery must face up to some tough questions about the sexual relationship between her and Moore that could put her behind bars.

"Because of the criminal investigation, we cannot answer any questions regarding any aspects of the relationship between Ms. Montgomery and Mr. Moore," Brown stated.

Authorities have begun a statutory rape investigation against Montgomery. There are allegations that she also had sex with other students, something she denies.