Gay Lawmaker Calls Man Who Trolled Him, Ends Up Speaking With His Grandmother Instead

An openly gay lawmaker contacted a social media troll's grandmother after receiving a racially charged and homophobic message on Facebook.

Watch what you post online... or your grandmother might get a call.

That's the warning after a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives tried to phone a social media user who sent him a racially charged and homophobic message but reached his grandmother instead.

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Brian Sims, a Democrat who's openly gay, told that part of his routine is to go online and delete negative comments that are posted on his public profile.

He said he was alarmed when he received a recent Facebook comment.

“I got up early and I checked the news, then jumped onto my Facebook page and sure enough there was this post,” Sims said.

The comment was both racist and derogatory against the gay community, he said.

When Sims clicked on the Facebook page of the troll, he didn’t see much information.

“A couple posts down this guy... had posted, 'Hey fellas, call me back and here’s my number,'" Sims said.

So Sims called the number in the post, unaware that he'd reach the man’s grandmother.

“As you can imagine, any grandmother, any family member getting a phone call like that at 6:15 in the morning from somebody a thousand of miles away was pretty disturbing,” he said.

He spoke to the grandmother and explained that he wasn’t trying to upset her, but he wanted to hear back from her grandson.

"I don’t think Sunday dinners are going to be the same in his house for a while," Sims said.

Sims said that when he received a phone call from the grandson, he initially denied he'd written the post — but he later confessed.

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Sims said it's not the first time he's received a hateful message on social media, but he said that they won't stop him — and shouldn't stop others — from standing up to hate speech.

"I couldn’t think of anything better to do than to shine some light on this," Sims said.

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