Cashier Unfazed as Man Points Gun at His Head During Robbery: 'He Wasn't That Intimidating'

The suspect has been arrested.

A Kansas City Jimmy John's cashier appeared unbothered as a man pointed a gun at his face while robbing the store on Wednesday night.

In the video, posted by Kansas City Police, the man walks up to the service counter and pulls the gun out of the front pocket of his sweatshirt and points it at the cashier’s head. 

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The employee, seemingly unfazed, emptied the register for the robber, but not before taking off his gloves.

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The cashier, Tuker Murray, told TMZ that he wasn’t intimidated by the gunman. The gun that the suspect was using was reportedly jammed.

“I wasn’t really worried about it to be honest. He wasn’t that intimidating,” he said. “If I would’ve known the gun was jammed, I would’ve tried to grab it since he was all the way over the counter.”

According to KCTV5, Terry K. Rayford, 54, was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm after the incident. 

The video of the incident has since gone viral with more than two million views on YouTube.

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