Tornadoes Rip Through Southern States

Multiple tornadoes ripped through the southern states over the weekend, killing over 40 people and leaving widespread destruction. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A nightmare unfolded right in front of the camera as the deadliest tornado system in decades ripped across half the nation.

Cell phone video was shot as employees evacuated a devastated Lowe's store in Sanford, North Carolina just seconds after the entire front of the building collapsed.

At Shaw University in Raleigh, debris flew everywhere as students ran for cover when the storm hit. Inside, the ceiling was ripped open to the sky, leaving incredible damage everywhere.

Other videos posted on YouTube captured the sheer terror triggered by the tornadoes.

One video was shot by some terrified friends driving in Raleigh as the storm hit.

Another video from Raleigh captured a massive funnel cloud roaring through the area. 

A resident of Clinton, Mississippi captured another huge funnel cloud in her area.

In another video, debris flies as a Walgreens in Wilson, North Carolina is pounded by the storm.

Grim testament to the deadly power of Mother Nature.