Mother Goose That Laid Eggs in Flower Pot at Hospital's Maternity Ward Welcomes 6 Chicks

The goslings have now been moved to a nearby lake.

A mother goose that laid eggs at a Nebraska hospital's maternity ward last month has welcomed six fluffy goslings.

Alice the Canada goose and her partner Ralph have settled near the Alegent Creighton Health Lakeside Hospital in Omaha every spring for the last 12 years.

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Each year, Ralph and Alice — named after the characters in the hit 50s sitcom The Honeymooners — pick a different spot to lay their eggs, Inglish Camero, vice president of patient care services, told

This year, they chose a flower pot outside the maternity ward. Four of their chicks hatched Sunday at about 10 p.m., while two more joined them Monday around 8 a.m., she said.

Although staff expected the family to stick around for a couple of days, the flower pot proved too troublesome. 

"It is a big flower pot and one of the chicks fell out," Camero said over email, adding that no matter what mom and dad did, they couldn't get the gosling back up.

Camero and a co-worker leant a hand by putting him back inside, but soon enough, a couple of the chicks had fallen out. So on the advice of Nebraska Game and Parks, they removed the chicks from the pot and escorted them to a nearby lake, she said.

"GooseCam" footage shared by the hospital shows the family waddling to its new home.

The chicks, which are yellow with black spotting, haven't been out of their parents' sights since they hatched, Camero said.

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"Dad was away when mom was sitting on them and when the last egg hatched, she honked at him and he came running on his two legs as fast as he could," she said. "Then he stood guard."

While the team at the hospital would have enjoyed naming the babies, the goose family left before they got the chance.

"One co-worker thought we should name one of them Ryan Gosling," Camero said.

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