Royal Security Kicks Into High Gear

London police are taking every security precaution available to them to ensure the royal wedding goes smoothly, as more threats of potential violence surface. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

An adorable pup is actually an elite bomb-sniffing K-9 working to ensure safety at next week's royal wedding.

Rowan the spaniel is assigned to search for bombs in Westminster Abbey on Kate and William's big day. He's now in training, sniffing for explosives in a small church.

With just 10 days to go, ABC News got a look inside the central command center where police are monitoring hundreds of surveillance cameras around London.

With the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton just days away, London is about to become an armed camp.

Few men know more about protecting Britain's royals than Dai Davies, the former head of Scotland Yard's famed Royal Protection Squad.

Davies told INSIDE EDITION, "It's key that nothing goes wrong here or heads will literally roll. Arguably this is one of the biggest security operations the Metropolitan Police have ever put on."

Authorities fear potential terror threats from Al Qaeda or the Irish Republican Army.

Anarchist student groups who rioted just last month over government spending cuts have also threatened to disrupt the big day.

Davies and security expert Geoff Williams showed INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent how tight security will be.

"Overnight it will have been properly searched with every piece of technology that the Metropolitan Police have. The drains will be searched. There will be people on rooftops of Buckingham Palace with binoculars," said Davies.

As Trent spoke to Davies, who should pass by but Prince Charles himself. He was riding in a brand new bulletproof Jaguar, with armed bodyguards following in the Range Rover behind him.

Anarchist groups attacked Prince Charles's royal Rolls Royce last December, flinging paint and breaking windows, giving the Prince and Camilla the shock of their lives.

Now British authorities are doing everything in their power so nothing like that will ruin the wedding the whole world will be watching.