Cops Taser Baseball Fan For Disruptive Behavior

INSIDE EDITION talks to the baseball fan who was beaten and tasered by police during a Pittsburgh Pirates game.

The drama started when an allegedly drunk fan, Scott Ashley, was kicked out of a Pittsburgh Pirates ballgame for disruptive behavior. He claims it was other fans in his section who were being unruly.

"I was not one time ever disruptive in my seat," Ashley says.

As Ashley left, he high-fived another fan and then, for no apparent reason, shoved a stadium employee who got in the way.

The police report says Ashley was told he was "under arrest" but "refused" to comply. The report says he "took a fighting stance."

Police say they tasered Ashley with no effect, then started hitting him to make him comply.

"It was in my arm area and I could feel it tingling a little bit," Ashley says about the taser.

In the video, you can hear a woman screaming, "Stop it! Stop it!" as he was tasered over and over.

Finally the cops got Ashley to the ground and cuffed him. He was hauled to his feet and taken from the park.

Ashley, an unemployed electrician, has been charged with resisting arrest and public drunkenness.

Ashley says that he was not drinking before or during the game.

Fred Rabner Ashley's attorney states, "Things escalated not because of Scott's behavior but the officers' inappropriate behavior."

Police are now reviewing the video. A police union official says the officers acted appropriately.