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Students Raise Money to Give Teacher Special Glasses After Learning He Was Severely Colorblind

"I never realized how many colors there were," said history teacher Matt Alzamora.

A severely colorblind teacher has been introduced to all the colors of the rainbow and beyond as his students surprised him with a special pair of glasses.

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Matt Alzamora, 35, a history teacher at Methacton High School in Worcester, Pa., was in awe Monday when he was presented with a bunch of multi-colored balloons, and a pair of glasses that helped him distinguish colors.

“It was incredible," Alzamora said in an interview with "It was like vivid. I never realized how many colors there were.”

It was all thanks to the glasses, as well as the generous students who raised money to buy them.

Maci Chambers, 14, Nichole Dorn, 15 and Andrew Bregman, 15, were some of the students behind the life changing surprise.

“Our class came up with the idea,” Dorn told, “So we assigned people from each class to collect the money.”

While they had their eyes on the cheapest model, Bregman said they were able to raise enough money to buy a much sleeker pair.

“I had heard about it online but they’re expensive,” Alzamora said. “And when you’re colorblind, your whole life, you can’t say you’re missing anything if you’ve never seen it.”

Before having the glasses, Alzamora explained his colorblindness has always caused him to struggle with everyday things — including putting on matching clothes, and teaching the art component of his course.

“I don’t really enjoy impressionism because that’s all based around color,” he said. “I almost pretty much skipped that whole thing because it doesn’t do much for me.”

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He explained he even once wore lime green pants on a first date, thinking they were brown.

Alzamora and his class are now preparing to go on their class trip to New York, where he looks forward to enjoying all the vivid colors of the paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

"I’ll be the only one wearing sunglasses in the room," he joked.

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