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Footage Shows Delta Employee Slapping Phone Out of 13-Year-Old's Hand: Lawsuit

"I think its indicative of what we're seeing throughout the industry," the family's lawyer said. "These airlines don't care about these people."

A 13-year-old boy filmed the shocking moment a Delta Airlines employee slapped a cell phone from his hand, according to a lawsuit filed by his family.

Matthew Boggan, a straight-A student from New York, was waiting with relatives at LaGuardia Airport for his flight to West Palm Beach, Fla., last July when the alleged incident unfolded.

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But the flight, which was supposed to take off at 6:50 p.m., kept getting delayed due to weather, according to the airline. It wound up leaving at 2:30 p.m. the following day.

When a member of the airline staff made an announcement to passengers early that morning, Matthew pulled out his phone to record people's reactions, according to his family.

The video shows the camera phone trained on an employee as she approaches.

"Put the phone down," she tells him as she pushes the phone away.

"She was five feet from me and grabbed it," Matthew, now 14, told Wednesday. "She hit it hard and it fell and landed in my other hand."

He added: "To have a lady hit me doing nothing wrong... why she would do that? I was in total shock."

"It's disturbing to see," his dad, Brian, said. "My son was hit. He was hit."

Boggan's family filed a lawsuit in Rockland County last year, but shared the footage with in light of the recent clashes between airline staff and passengers. Among them is Dr. David Dao, who was hauled off an overbooked United Airlines flight last month. 

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United, which has apologized for the incident, has since reached a settlement with Dr. Dao.

A lawyer for the Boggans family, Terrence Cortelli, said Delta has told them the pre-teen was blocking crucial communications at the time of filming.

"We are standing up for ourselves," he said. "What’s bothering us now is instead of Delta saying, 'Look, we care about you guys, it was an unfortunate incident,' they are blaming him for this whole incident.

"I think it's indicative of what we’re seeing throughout the industry. These airlines don’t care about these people."

When reached by Wednesday, a Delta Airlines spokesperson declined to comment.

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