Woman Matched With Convicted Sex Offender

A woman who says she was sexually assaulted by a sex offender she met on match.com reveals her identity to INSIDE EDITION in hopes that no one will face the same horror she found online.

She's the woman who says she was sexually assaulted by a man she met on match.com and now she's ready to show her face.

Carol Markin wants the world to know about her match made in hell and is doing all she can to make sure it doesn't happen to anybody else.

Markin, a TV and film producer with a degree from Harvard, claims she was sexually assaulted on her second date with Alan Wurtzel, who she met on the popular dating site.

"He jumped me and he forced me into a compromising postion. He is a very big man...It was comply or potentially get hurt. I couldn't believe it happened," Markin says.

She later learned he'd been convicted six times before for sexual battery. Wurtzel is pleading not guilty to Markin's charges, claiming sex was consensual.

Markin filed a civil suit against match.com, demanding a screening process to weed out sexual predators. The company says they intend to begin screening everybody through the national sex offenders registry.

"My crime could have been prevented if they had those precautions in place," Markin says.

Ironically, Wurtzel might not have been weeded out by match.com's forthcoming screening process because his prior convictions were for misdemeanor offenses only.

More than ten million people use match.com in hopes of meeting that special someone.

"I hope that it will be a safer world for online dating," says Markin.

She will leave her lawsuit open until she is convinced that match.com is doing a better job screening members.