Fun Facts About Winnie the Hippo as She Turns 1 Month Old

Winnie the hippo was born underwater, and her mom has helped her become independent ever since.

She may be young, but she sure is mighty.

To celebrate baby Winnie turning a month old, the Memphis Zoo is releasing some fun facts about the spunky hippo.

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For example, Winnie was born at 76 pounds — tiny compared to her mom Binti, who weighs 3,500 pounds.

Her birth was considered highly unconventional.

“Each hippo has their own indoor pool and Binti, Winnie’s mom, gave birth to Winnie underwater,” director of animal programs Matt Thompson said, according to a video released by the zoo.

He added that the way Binti handled the birth was indication of the sort of mother she would become — "protective, but not overbearing," according to Thompson.

That was apparent when Binti “immediately pushed her to shore and gave Winnie a chance to rest, catch her breath, and prepare to strengthen her legs,” he said.

And, Winnie proved she's up to it.

“She’s sassy, spunky and growing in her independence,” Thompson said. “She’s exploring the exhibit all on her own and she’s become an excellent swimmer.”

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Despite being strong on her own, Winnie has yet to bond with her father and aunt. Because hippopotamuses are protective of their young, she will continue to spend time with only her mother until she’s a little older.

But, she’s starting to show progress in sampling her mom’s food, even though Winnie continues to nurse as her main source of nutrition. All the while, she has generated serious buzz at the zoo.

“There’s been so much excitement about Winnie,” Thompson said.

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