Charlie Sheen Doesn’t Get Custody of His Sons

Charlie Sheen went back to court today, seeking full custody of his twin sons after ex-wife Brooke Mueller reportedly landed in rehab again. INSIDE EDITION reports.

A grinning Charlie Sheen arrived at a Los Angeles courthouse in a Rolls Royce, with one of his so-called "goddesses" by his side.

It was a showdown between the embattled actor and soon-to-be ex-wife Brooke Mueller, who are locked in a bitter custody war over their twin sons.

Mueller glared at Sheen as he walked into the courtroom. Then the judge cleared the court of all of the media, saying they were going to be discussing some very sensitive matters about the two-year-old boys.

We do know that Sheen asked for full custody, saying Mueller is no longer capable of caring for their children.

Mueller reportedly checked into a drug rehab facility last week after she was seen trying to sell her jewelry and stereo equipment at a pawnshop. She's also said to have refused to take a drug test even though it's a requirement of her custody settlement.

But the judge ruled that Mueller will maintain custody of the twins, making this a losing day in court for Sheen.

After court, Sheen was scheduled to fly across the country to perform in Washington, D.C.