Mama June Dons 'Baywatch'-Style Swimsuit After Dropping 300 Pounds

Critics have complained that the photo is heavily Photoshopped.

As she further showcases her incredible weight loss, Honey Boo Boo's mom is posing in one of the iconic red Baywatch bathing suits.

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Just two years ago, Mama June tipped the scales at 460 pounds. Now, following extensive surgery, a strict diet and exercise, she is showing off her new body, which is now 300 pounds lighter.

Former Baywatch star Donna D'Errico took a look at Mama June in the bathing suit and was floored.

“She looks amazing. She looks like a total Baywatch babe,” she said.

D’Errico also recently put on her old Baywatch bikini and the actress, who is nearly 50, recently had four cosmetic surgeries in one day to get her figure back.

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She says her own transformation is nothing compared to what Mama June has done.

“When I saw Mama June's picture I didn't even know it was her,” she admitted. “Go girl. She's got it going on. I’m so proud of her!”

Some have claimed the image could be Photoshopped, but that has not been confirmed by Mama June. 

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