Whitney Houston's Concert Fiasco

Whitney Houston is coming under harsh criticism in Australia for what some are calling a breathless performance. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Whitney Houston is coming under harsh criticism in Australia. Some are calling her concert a fiasco down under because of a breathless performance.

When she came onto stage she was wearing a trench coat over a blue mini dress and knee high boots. But it's summer in Australia, with temperatures over 90 degrees. So she quickly shed the trench coat.

After the first two songs, Whitney stopped the concert. She walked out of the spotlight to wipe the sweat with a towel and sip what appears to be water. Whitney even appeared to cough twice during one of her songs.

When she landed in Australia, a limo driver claimed that Whitney cursed him out when he arrived only two minutes late at the airport, saying he suggested she take off her hat and enjoy the sun, and claims she told him to "get (expletive deleted)."

Whitney's representative denies reports that she's in ill health. And the concert-goers in Australia gave her a huge ovation.