Shocking Animal Abuse Exposed

INSIDE EDITION previously reported on disturbing video of some teens putting a kitten in a microwave and dropping it out a window. Maybe there is something to that saying that cats have nine lives, because the cat survived and is now living a charmed l

Just a few months ago an adorable kitty was the victim of a cruel case of animal abuse in Philadelphia. Two teenagers place a cat in a microwave oven and then, almost unbelievably, toss it out a window, laughing and giggling the entire time.

"We're gonna drop the cat out the window in this microwave," one kid says on cell phone video.

By some miracle, the cat survived with just minor injuries. Now the cat has been adopted in a loving home outside Philadelphia.  His new owner, Jack Dunn named the cat Jasper.

"I'm just glad that we have him because I know from this point on, he'll never, never experience anything but a great life."

When INSIDE EDITION accompanied The Pennsylvania SPCA on one of the 13,000 calls it receives each year, we found a scene that shocked everyone - 23 cats packed inside an abandoned vehicle, living in hellish conditions.

One by one the cats were removed from the van by SPCA officers.

When the owner of the van showed up to claim her cats, she was charged with animal cruelty. INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero caught up with her as she was being led away in handcuffs and asked, "Why were you hoarding these cats?"  The woman had no reply.

Incredibly when officers checked out the car she drove up in, more animals were found - one with a nasty lump in her eye due to an infection.

A month later, Guerrero returned to find the rescued cats being cared for at the Pennsylvania SPCA facility in Philadelphia.

"These cats are in such good condition, they are almost unrecognizable from the night they were rescued," noted Guerrero.

The cat with the giant lump in its eye has now been named Misty. Vets had to surgically remove the eye, and she's on the road to recovery.

The woman accused of hoarding all those cats in the van has plead not guilty to animal cruelty. By the way, many of those cats are now up for adoption.

The Pennsylvania SPCA relies on private donations to fund their operations.  If  you want more information about adopting one of these rescued cats, click here.