Mystery of the 'Ghost Girl': Who Is the Spooky Little Lady in This Viral Photo?

The photo was taken by a trail camera in upstate New York.

The mystery of the “ghost girl” has been solved.

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A startling photo of a girl in the woods made headlines around the world as her image looked to be faded from view and part of her arms and legs appeared to have vanished.

The girl in the photo has been identified as Holdan McGreevy, who's not a ghost at all. She is just your average 9-year-old girl from upstate New York.

The young lady and her grandfather, Chic Wilson, were hiking in the woods in Cambridge, Washington County, when the photo was taken by a trail camera.

She and her granddad couldn’t believe how far the story spread

Trail cameras are used by hunters to spot movement in the woods.

“I think it's crazy that someone thought I was a ghost and it went like all over the internet,” she told Inside Edition. "I’m just a 9-year-old girl who's not a ghost!”

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McGreevy said she was waving and goofing around for the camera. But she had no idea her photo was being snapped.

The photo was taken in March but after it was posted on Facebook, it gained international attention.

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