Inspiration for 'The Blind Side,' Michael Oher, Accused of Assaulting Uber Driver

Michael Oher allegedly pushed and kicked the driver during an argument.

The man whose life inspired a blockbuster film starring Sandra Bullock allegedly assaulted an Uber driver last month, officials revealed this week.

Michael Oher, the Carolina Panthers offensive lineman who was the basis for The Blind Side, was issued a misdemeanor citation by the Nashville Police Department following the alleged April 14 incident.

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It all started when the 30-year-old and several friends called the car service that evening for a ride to downtown Nashville, according to police.

The driver told cops that the ride turned into an argument when Oher asked him to follow another car en route to their destination.

Cops said the driver told his passengers he should lead because the other driver didn't seem to know where he was going, according to a citation obtained by People magazine.

Oher allegedly objected and an argument ensued outside the vehicle, according to the citation.

During the alleged argument, the driver moved his hands towards Oher’s face, at which point Oher is accused of pushing the driver to the ground and kicking him in the leg.

The citation said Oher's friends then restrained the athlete. The citation also alleges Oher had been drinking alcohol prior to the alleged assault.

Oher has been ordered to appear for booking on Monday, May 8.

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"We are aware of an incident involving Michael Oher," the Carolina Panthers said in a statement. "We have no further comment at this time."

The Memphis native's early life was documented in the book The Blind Side, which became a 2009 film in which Bullock starred and won an Oscar for best actress.

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