Runaway Zebra Leads Police on Lengthy Chase: 'There's No Way There's a Zebra in My Backyard'

The zebra is owned by a local resident.

A runaway zebra caused quite a stir in Florida after the animal escaped from private property on Friday.

Police said the zebra collided with a vehicle and shattered the 21-year-old driver’s window before leading police in Tampa on a chase at about 2 p.m.

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Part of the chase was captured on helicopter surveillance footage where the zebra, Jolley, can be seen running through a sandy area.

Traffic Crash - A Ford F150 p/u was W/B on 672 just E of Amber Sweet Ln when the Zebra which escaped from private property ran into the p/u

— HCSO (@HCSOSheriff) May 5, 2017

Jolley later ran into a local man’s backyard while evading capture.

"I kept telling myself 'there's no way there's a zebra in my backyard,'" Mark Ross told WFTS. "I was taking video all the way across to the point where I could get something to prove I wasn't crazy."

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Police managed to capture Jolley after two hours and return the animal to its owner, Jennifer Caudill, 35

The animal was treated at a local hospital for minor injuries. 

The zebra was legally owned, according to reports.

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