Trump Is the Butt of More Jokes in His First 100 Days Than Any Other President in Their First Year: Study | Inside Edition

Trump Is the Butt of More Jokes in His First 100 Days Than Any Other President in Their First Year: Study

Stephen Colbert has had the most fun at President Trump's expense.

Have the jokes about the president gone too far and too often?

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President Trump has become solid gold for late night comics, but the former reality TV star has been the target of more jokes in his first 100 days than any other president in their entire first year.

A new study from George Mason University's Center for Media and Public Affairs claims there have been 1,060 trump jokes since his January 20 inauguration and through the end of April. It has been compared to 936 Obama jokes in all of 2009, 546 George W. Bush jokes in all of 2001 and 440 Bill Clinton jokes in all of 1993.

"Hollywood clearly loved Barack Obama and the humor that was directed at him was clearly gentle," Howard Kurtz, the host of Fox News’ Media Buzz, told Inside Edition. "It is so much different now with the bitingly personal and sometimes crude humor directed at Donald Trump and it clearly reflects the fact that they don’t like this president." 

Stephen Colbert has told 337 Trump jokes, which is the most in late night. It's propelled The Late Show to No. 1, but the FCC is now investigating whether he crossed the line last week with a lewd gag about the president and Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.

Comedy Central’s political satire news show, The Daily Show and its host, Trevor Noah, are not far behind with 315 Trump jokes.

Jimmy Fallon, who famously played with Trump’s hair when the billionaire was on the campaign trail, has made 231 jokes about the president.

Jimmy Kimmel has told the fewest, with just 177 jokes.

"It is not surprising that Donald Trump is going to shatter the record for the most bashed president in late night TV," Kurtz said. "What is surprising is the bitingly personal nature of these jokes." 

Meanwhile, comedian Bill Maher is under fire for a crude joke he made about Ivanka Trump and her dad on Real Time Friday on HBO which alluded to the first daughter engaging in a sex act with her father. 

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The joke is being called "tasteless" and "disgusting" by some on social media.

"Bill Maher obliterated the line of decency for making an incest joke about Ivanka Trump, who hasn't done anything to anybody, but has gotten dragged into this crude, incest attempt at humor as a way of getting at the president," Kurtz said. 

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