Dad Sits In on Son's Class After Getting Multiple Complaints From Teacher

He may have learned his lesson.

Sometimes in order to teach your kid a lesson, you have to sit in on one.

That’s what Brad Howard, 53, did after his son kept disrupting his high school physics class.

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“My son was getting into some trouble in one of his classes in high school and his teacher was emailing me,” Howard said of his son, who's also named Brad. “He’s a good kid, but always tries to get a few laughs of whatever crowd is around him at the time.”

Howard said he told the 17-year-old junior's teacher that he would handle the situation.

“I told him if he gets in trouble one more time, 'I am going come up to your school and sit in on your class,'" Howard told “We got an email on Thursday saying he did something and got all the kids to laugh. It was disrespectful.”

So Howard knew he had to make good on his promise.

“My wife wakes me up on Friday and says ‘Brad you have to go to school today,”’ Howard said. “I got ready. I went into the school, but I didn’t mentally prepare for what I was walking into. My wife told the teacher that I was coming.”

Howard said he sat down in his son’s class before he arrived and when the bell rang, kids came rushing in.

“I walked into the classroom and teacher told me where he sat and I pulled up a chair,” Howard said. “My son walks in and is saying hello to his friend and I said, ‘Hey Bradley,’ and he jumped.”

Brad wasn’t expecting to see his dad there – and neither were his pals.

“His friends found it very humorous,” Howard said.

Although Howard said the class was interesting to listen to, he probably wouldn’t do it again.

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“If I intended it to be uncomfortable for Bradley, it was way worse for me," Howard said. "He was good. I think that he was actually okay with me being there. I could tell it embarrassed him initially."

And the dad’s initial intention may have backfired since Brad’s sister, Molli, shared the photo of Howard sitting in on the class on Twitter and it went viral. It’s been retweeted nearly 600 times.

“This method for discipline did not achieve the ultimate results I hoped it would," Howard said. "He loves attention so him getting all this attention now, he’s kind of happy."

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