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For Her 60th Wedding Anniversary, 80-Year-Old Woman Wears Her Original Bridal Gown

Janith Goedde, 80, recently celebrated her 60th wedding anniversary by wearing her old bridal gown.

Janith Goedde said yes to the dress — for the second time in 60 years.

The 80-year-old great-grandmother from Indiana celebrated her 60th wedding anniversary by hauling her wedding gown from the attic and trying it on.

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Six decades and nine children later, the flowing dress topped by Chantilly lace still fit, though a tad snugly in some areas.

“It was a little tight,” she told ABC News. “It’s still in good shape. It’s still white and I had it in a plastic bag.”

She, her husband, Joe and 62 family members celebrated the couple’s diamond anniversary with cake and photographs.

Goedde’s floor-length wedding dress cost her $69.95 in 1957 and featured nylon tulle over satin, with tiny, covered buttons going down the back.

“She still looks beautiful,” Joe Goedde, 84, said when he saw her in it again.

Their nuptials were captured on an old movie camera Joe bought in Germany while serving in the U.S. Army.

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Scratchy footage shows the couple, with Joe in a white dinner jacket, walking with their wedding parties on the warm morning on May 11, 1957.

Her bridesmaids wore huge, pastel confections in blue, green, pink and yellow, complete with big hoops under their dresses.

The couple remembered it was hot the morning they tied the knot.

“I didn’t get to see her she walked down the aisle and I kept saying to myself, ‘You’re too young to get married.’ I was 24,” he told the network, laughing.

They hadn’t wanted to make a big deal of their 60th, “but with the insistence of the children, I had to give in,” Joe said.

And he ended up having fun.

When asked their secret to such a long marriage, Janith replied, “Communication and prayer. We’re looking forward to more anniversaries, but we’ll take what comes.”

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