Friends Remember Doctor Murdered Alongside Her Fiance in Boston Penthouse: 'She Was Awesome'

Close colleagues of Dr. Lina Bolanos shared their memories of the physician, who was slain along with her fiance in a Boston penthouse.

Co-workers of one of two doctors slain in a Boston penthouse last week are opening up about their beloved colleague.

The Massachusetts Eye and Ear community has been in a state of shock and mourning since Dr. Lina Bolanos was murdered alongside her fiance.

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"We want people to know what a great person she was," Nancy Katzuba, R.N. a surgical nurse, said at a press conference.

Dr. Bolanos, 38, was an anesthesiologist who worked with children undergoing surgery.

"The kids loved her, the parents loved her, everybody trusted her... she was awesome," Katzuba said.

Bolanos and her fiance and fellow anesthesiologist, Dr. Richard Field, 49, were found with their hands bound and “a message of retribution” allegedly written by the killer on their walls, cops say.

Field texted a final a plea for help to one of his friends, but by the time police arrived at about 8:45 p.m., the couple was already dead, according to reports. 

Collegues, including Pediatric Otolaryngology chief Dr. Christopher Hartnick, said at the press event that they want Bolanos to be remembered as the kind person they all knew.

"I think I've received over 100 emails over the last two days thanking me for making their kids feel safe," Hartnick said. "We are a small family here."

The suspect, 30-year-old Bampumim Teixeira was shot multiple times after firing at officers, reports said. He was then transferred to the hospital where he pleaded not guilty from a hospital bed.

A motive for the slaying was not known, according to Boston Police Commissioner William Evans.

“If someone would come here and go up to the 11th floor of a penthouse, we gotta believe there was some type of knowledge of each other,” Evans said in a press conference.

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Photos of the two doctors had been cut up in the home and there was blood on the walls, officials said.

“Hopefully, this guy that they caught will be able to say who he is and why this was done,” Michael Gibbs, Bolanos’ godfather, told The Boston Globe. “That’s all we’re hoping, is to get some kind of information. Why did this happen?”

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