A Bunny We Can't Refuse! Vice President Mike Pence Introduces Family Rabbit 'Marlon Bundo'

For those not interested in the James Comey case...

Vice President Mike Pence is a well-known family man, but did you know he's also a proud dad to a pet bunny?

Marlon Bundo, the former Indiana governor's black and white rabbit with an Old Hollywood name, has officially hopped into the hearts of America after Pence introduced him to the country Tuesday.

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Pence was joined by his wife Karen "Mother" Pence at a ceremony honoring military families, where they introduced Marlon to a thrilled group of kids.

“Marlon is kind of famous because he is the first bunny to ever ride on Air Force Two," Karen Pence said. "And we love Marlon. He's named Marlon Bundo because he's named after a famous movie star, Marlon Brando, and because my daughter got him when she was making a movie in college, and she needed a bunny to be the star. So Marlon — this notoriety is nothing new for him.”

According to transcripts from the event, Pence asked for a “quiet round of applause” for the rabbit so that he wouldn't get to scared and hop away.

But even before the public debut, Marlon got his own Instagram page, which boasts an impressive 7,000 followers who've borne witness to snapshots of the bunny eating, sitting in a cage and hanging out with the Pence clan.

"The Second Family's pet rabbit, better known to the world as BOTUS," the feed's description reads.

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His debut was a total hit with the kids, but don't take our word for it, ask the taxpayer funded bunny himself!

"I had a great time meeting with so many military family members today! Hope I did okay in my remarks at the podium!," the rabbit writes on Instagram.

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