United Passenger Says She Was Forced to Urinate in Cup After Airline Forbid Her From Using Bathroom

It happened on the very same day as the incident on another United flight with Dr. David Dao.

A Missouri woman says she was forced to experience a mortifying indignity on a recent United Airlines flight.

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Nicole Harper, a nurse from Kansas City who has a bladder condition, says she wasn't allowed to use the bathroom due to air turbulence.

“I was very embarrassed,” she told Inside Edition. “I told them I would either have to use the restroom or I would have to use a cup. At that point they handed me a cup.”

The mom of two was on a flight from Houston to Kansas City and had to do her business right there in her seat.

“I was able to relieve myself in the cups in my seat in the aisle with family and strangers around,” she said.

She had filled two cups and needed the help of her husband as she relieved herself in the seat, according to CBS News.

United told CBS News the incident occurred as the plane was already descending, passengers must be seated with seatbelts fastened, per Federal Aviation Administration rules.

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Harper claims the incident happened on April 9, the same day Dr. David Dao was violently dragged off a United flight in Chicago that was headed to Louisville. 

In a statement, United admits the incident was "upsetting for all concerned."

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