Teen Dons Red Suit to Prom That's Been Passed Down Through Generations

His uncle wore it before him.

Sometimes a family heirloom comes in the form of bright red formal wear.

Jonathan Jessie donned the suit to his prom in Indianapolis last weekend — something his uncle had done before him — and his grandfather before that.

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Jonathan’s dad, LaShawn Jessie, said his father first wore the $200 suit in 1998 and his brother decided to wear it to his 2003 prom.

My son had prom last weekend and he had mentioned that he wanted to wear the suit, but I really wasn’t really paying attention," LaShawn told InsideEdition.com. "When we started getting ready to go suit shopping... he wanted to wear the red suit. I was like, okay, so we got it altered and cleaned."

When LaShawn’s brother, Marcus Howard, wore the suit at his prom nearly two decades ago he said all the ladies loved it.

“My dad wanted me to wear it. He was just like, ‘Man, ya know, we really don’t have to go suit shopping? Save a little money,’ Howard said. "I’m kind of a penny pincher and whatnot, but when I put it on, it was just like, ‘Wow. I look good. It was definitely a lady killer, ya know?”

And this year, LaShawn’s son followed in the footsteps of his uncle — looking dapper in the suit himself.

Lashawn posted a photo of the three generations, which garnered a ton of attention on social media.

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“I wasn’t really thinking it was going to be anything really big," LaShawn said. "I just thought it was cool, three generations wearing the same suit,”

Howard, who currently has a son in the 7th grade, said he hopes the boy wears the suit next.

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