Cowboy or Cowgirl? Family's Pet Bull Helps With Gender Reveal

Their baby is due in September.

A dad who loves to ride bulls incorporated his love of the rodeo into a quirky gender reveal.

Colby Kassie Scallions and his wife announced to their friends that they were having a baby girl by putting pink powder into a container on their pet bull’s back.

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In a video captured of the moment, Scallions releases the animal, Princess Hooker, and as he bucks, pink powder goes flying.

“I rode bulls my whole life and I wanted to put it together with something I love with my baby and I’ve never seen it done,” Scallions told  “They were a little bit surprised and they loved it.”

The couple's video has been shared nearly a thousand times on Facebook, with many complimenting them on the original idea.

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“That's freaking awesome!!! And FYI, bucking bulls are taken very well care of! Cool idea for sure,” one commenter wrote.

The couple’s daughter, Brylee Nicole Scallions, is due in September.

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