Tiger's Last Chance?

Tiger Woods goes to a new rehab facility in Arizona to resume his sex addiction therapy, and it may be his last chance to save his marriage. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

INSIDE EDITION is learning more about the next phase of Tiger Woods's treatment for sex addiction, which may be his last chance to win back his wife Elin.

Woods was reportedly a patient at the Pine Grove rehab clinic in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He underwent six weeks of intensive therapy in a program for sex addicts called Gentle Path. After a week off, Woods is believed to be resuming his treatment at another facility, in Arizona.  

"A person might come out of a rehab facility to see what they've learned inside, how they're incorporating that on the outside," psychiatrist Gail Saltz tells INSIDE EDITION.

The golfer is reported to be at the Meadows Clinic outside Phoenix. It has lush grounds, features a pool surrounded by palm trees, and costs $4,000 a night. Woods is under the personal care of Dr. Patrick Carnes, a renowned expert on sex addiction who also treated the golfing great in Mississippi. Carnes spent eight years as the director for sexual disorder services at the Meadows in Arizona.  

Woods appears to be following the same course of treatment as another famous sex addict. Like Woods, former ESPN sportscaster Steve Phillips was first treated for sex addiction at Gentle Path in Mississippi and then went on to Arizona for a final week of treatment.

Phillips told the Today show, "People who go there are broken people. That's really the essence of the addiction, is that you're broken inside, you've got a hole that you tried to fill, whether it was with alcohol or drugs or sex or gambling or whatever."

"It's understanding that needs to happen, coming to a realization that you messed up, and you have no one but yourself to look to and you are responsible for your own disappointing behavior," Saltz says.