Motorcyclist Miraculously Survives Fiery Crash Into Dump Truck

Chinese CCTV footage shows the terrifying collision.

A motorcyclist in China somehow cheated death in a recent collision with a truck that ended in a fireball.

CCTV footage clearly caught the moment the motorcyclist smashed into a dump truck at a Nanchang intersection last weekend.

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Though the rider crashed directly into the truck's fuel tank, which subsequently exploded, he somehow managed to get away with only non-life-threatening injuries.

Nonetheless, the rider was forced to stop, drop and roll as flames engulfed his body.

Meanwhile, the fire quickly consumed both the bike and the entire truck cabin as the driver leapt out to help the motorcycle rider.

"The door on my side could not open as the fire was darting over. I opened the door on the passenger side and jumped out. Then I rushed to the injured man and rescued him," the driver told reporters, according to Australian site 9News.

It took first responders a full 40 minutes to put out the flames.

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The motorcycle rider was taken to a hospital and is expected to be okay. The truck driver sustained no injuries.

Police have since alleged the motorcycle driver was driving at an unsafe speed, according to reports.

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