Young Boy Saves His Sister's Life With CPR

INSIDE EDITION talks to a young boy and his family about his heroic act of saving his younger sister’s life by performing CPR that he learned from a movie.

2-year-old Brooke Saghin is a bundle of energy. While visiting her grandmother's house in Mesa, Arizona she managed to open a screen door, run outside and jump in the swimming pool.

Kimberly Saghin rushed out and pulled her unconscious daughter from the water.

"I thought, oh my God, I'll never survive this. She's dead," said Saghin.

Meanwhile, her grandmother called 911.

Grandmother: "A little baby fell in the pool, please!"

911 Operator: "Do you know how long the baby's been in the pool?"

Grandmother: "I have no idea, ma'am!"

A neighbor who also called 911 told the operator: "We need an ambulance here as soon as possible! Her eyes are opening and closing and her lips are purple!"

And here's where the story takes a remarkable turn.

9-year-old Tristan Saghin, who was inside playing a video game, rushed out and promptly started performing CPR on his toddler sister. He had learned it from watching the movie Black Hawk Down.

"I heard my mom screaming. [In the movie] This guy was dying and a medic had to do CPR on him. You have to push on the chest three times and then give them a rescue breath," said Tristan.

So that's what the boy did, as his mother watched in amazement. Paramedics arrived minutes later, and now Brooke is as good as new.

Kelly Ripa hailed the young hero on Live! With Regis and Kelly, saying, "This nine-year-old boy performed CPR!"

"He's my hero," said Saghin.