Driver Held Up in Traffic Practices Yoga in the Middle of the Road

"I figured it was my only chance ever at striking a pose on the highway," Kristin Bjornsen said.

A Florida woman fed up with rush hour traffic decided to beat the stress with some yoga — right in the middle of the road.

It's not your typical morning activity on South Florida's extremely high-traffic I-95, but Kristin Björnsen found herself with the unique opportunity and decided to take it on a particularly snarled Wednesday morning.

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It all started around 9:45 a.m. on a Miami overpass. Traffic had come to a complete stop and Björnsen's car was running out of gas.

"I had my windows down and my engine off as a result," she told InsideEdition.come. "And the view from up there is pretty nice so I couldn't help but get out. I figured it was my only chance ever at striking a pose on the highway!"

And strike a pose, she did. Cobra pose, specifically.

With no end to the traffic in sight — Björnsen didn't know it but an armored truck had flipped over ahead of her — she even asked a fellow driver to get out and snap her photo.

But other than them, few people felt tranquil enough to leave their cars.

"Nobody else was getting out of their cars. I only saw four people get out way ahead of my vehicle," she said. "People were angry, but I knew it wasn't a situation I could control. So I just had fun with it. I was literally laughing out loud by myself at the whole thing."

Björnsen's photo instantly started making people smile locally before it became a viral sensation nationwide.

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She even penned a story about the photo for the Miami New Times, where she works as art director.

"The truth is I didn't really do much yoga on the highway," she admits. "I was just trying to make a point about traffic in Miami and how we handle it."

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