Frightened Mom Records Golf Ball-Sized Hail Falling From the Sky: 'I Am Gonna Throw Up'

The aftermath is unbelievable as her minivan is covered in dents and the back window is shattered.

It was a terrifying moment as captured on video as a Colorado mother was trapped in her car with her three kids while huge chunks of hail pummeled the vehicle.

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The hail cracked the windshield as her kids cry and cover their ears while the golf ball-sized precipitation rained down from the sky as she was waiting to pick up her older kids at school in Golden on Monday.

Suddenly, the back window shattered and hail started pouring into the car. Stephanie Vandewalker did her best to calm the kids down and managed to record the scene.

She too was frightened, saying: “I am gonna throw up.”

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The aftermath is unbelievable as her minivan is covered in dents.

"It was very scary,” she told Inside Edition.

While the damage to the car was severe, no one was injured.

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