Maury Povich Weighs In On Donald Trump's Political Aspirations

INSIDE EDITION talks to Maury Povich about who could replace Oprah’s talk show and what he thinks of Donald Trump’s latest public statements.

Talk show host Maury Povich teases his friend Donald Trump about his possible run for the White House.

"I laugh only because Donald and I have known each other. We've had a lot of respect for each other. Is it just coincidence that all of this talk is coming right at the pinnacle of Celebrity Apprentice?" laughed Povich.

"Donald Trump to me is probably the best modern day salesman I know," Povich told INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander.

He also weighed in on Oprah Winfrey ending her show.

"That's a big hole that she's leaving, any idea who will be able to fill it?" asked Alexander.
"I'm on the record as saying that Katie Couric has the best chance if she does a show. I think Katie has a great personality for talk," Povich said.

Povich told Alexander about his upcoming bigscreen debut.  He's playing himself in the new Tyler Perry comedy Madea's Big Happy Family.

"They called me up to do this movie, and I went, you know, 'I don't do movies.' I really don't," Povich said.

His show is famous for wild paternity test revelations and that's exactly what he'll be doing in the upcoming movie.

"One of the climaxes of the movie is I give Madea a paternity test," said Povich.

He says he will never do it again.