Sex Offender Arrested in Vicious New York City Assault on German Tourist

Keon Robinson allegedly punched out the woman's teeth during a robbery.

A convicted sex offender has been arrested following a vicious attack on a tourist in New York City that was caught on camera last week.

Keon Robinson was tracked to Schenectady in upstate New York Thursday, according reports.

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The NYPD says the 28-year-old sexually assaulted and beat the German tourist as part of a recent string of Harlem robberies.

"He puts her in a headlock and says, 'Give me your bag,' then punches her several times, puts her on the ground and sexually assaults her on the ground," NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said.

Police released graphic video of the assault as part of their search for Robinson.

Robinson was arrested in January 2007 for a similar robbery, and was arrested and charged, according to Boyce.

After serving seven years in jail, Robinson was released in July 2014 before violating his parole in the summer of 2016.

Robinson was recently released following the parole violation.

In the May 4 assault, authorities say Robinson punched the victim so hard that some of her teeth were knocked out. 

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Cops say DNA from a trail of blood at the scene led them to Robinson.

He has been charged with attempted rape, robbery, assault and sex abuse, police said.

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