Couple Discovers 72-Year-Old Love Letter in Home, Finds Rightful Owner

Melissa Fahy and her husband found the letter while doing renovations in their home.

When a New Jersey family was renovating their home, they discovered a mystery from the house's past — a love letter written by one of its former occupants.

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Melissa Fahy and her husband are the new homeowners in the Westfield home. It's believed that the letter was probably dropped going up stairs to store it in the attic and was found in the ceiling during the renovation.

"Are you as lonesome for me as I am for you?" reads a line in the letter postmarked from May 1945.

The letter rested between the cracks for seven decades. Rolf was serving in World War II as a Norwegian Navy sailor.

Virginia wrote in the typed letter: “I love you Rolf, as I love the warm sun, and that is what you are to my life, the sun about which everything else revolves for me.”

Melissa was overwhelmed by the words, telling Inside Edition: "After I read it I knew I had to get it back to the rightful family.”

She posted it on Facebook and was swiftly put in touch with Virginia and Rolf Christoffersen's family.

Rolf, 96, was the man Virginia poured her heart out to in the letter. She passed away six years ago, but her widower got to hear her words.

It was an emotional moment when his daughter, Robin, read the letter he never got.

Melissa met the family via FaceTime and spoke to them from their California home.

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“I was just taken aback by the words that she was saying and just professing her love,” Melissa said.

“It is a great insight into my mom's thinking and how she always was a loving and committed wife,” Robin said.

"Thank you for saving that letter, we’re really gonna enjoy that,” a grateful Rolf expressed.

Melissa was brought to tears.

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