Teen 'Falls in Love' With Burrito And Mom Does Hilarious 'Wedding' Photo Shoot For The Pair

Who doesn't love burritos?

A Virginia teen was so in love with a burrito that she decided to “marry it.”

Laura Rene, 14-year-old Emma’s mom, said the family was having their regular “Mexican night” at home this month when her daughter had a hilarious epiphany.

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“Emma continuously overloads her burritos with guacamole and hot sauce so she started eating it and leaned back in her chair and said ‘Oh my God, This is so good. I would marry this burrito if I could,’” Rene told InsideEdition.com. “She was like ‘I’m in love with this burrito, I know what we have to do.’”

Emma told her mom, who is a professional photographer, that she wanted to have a photo shoot to marry her newfound love.

“She was like ‘There’s nothing stopping our love,” Rene said. “and we already had everything around the house for the photo shoot.”

Rene said she did the “newlywed” photo shoot on the family’s farm and every one got a kick out of it.

Donned in a flower dress and flower crown with her foil-wrapped burrito in hand, Emma posed for numerous pictures.

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“We laughed through the whole shoot. It was hilarious,” Rene said.

Rene said Emma loves the photos and plans to put them up in her room. 

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