Mother Arrested After Allegedly Starving Children to Raise Money for Fake Illnesses

Police later determined the children did not have the conditions the mother claimed.

A Texas mother was arrested after allegedly pretending her children were sick to raise money through a fundraising site. 

Katelyn Christina Carnline, 28, allegedly starved her children to make them appear ill and claimed her 4-month-old girl had a rare genetic disorder. She also said her older child had cancer.

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Police said the mom created a YouCaring page, where she raised $2,000 to put toward “medical expenses.”

On the fundraiser, Carnline said her baby was suffering from a rare genetic disorder, Inborn Errors of Metabolism, a condition which could delay a child's development because it prevents the body from properly churning food into energy, reports said.

She allegedly underfed both kids, according to reports. Police said she then shaved her older child's head and put pictures of both children online. 

Reports said Carnline fooled doctors into believing her children were sick as well. She allegedly told doctors that her 4-month-old was suffering from seizures and doctors operated on the child more than once, according to the Associated Press.

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Carnline was charged with exploiting and causing serious bodily injury to a child.  

Her children are now healthy and have been placed with other family members, according to police.

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