101-Year-Old Breaks World Record to Become Oldest Skydiver: 'I Would Do it Again Tomorrow'

He may do it again next year.

A 101-year-old became the oldest skydiver in the world when he completed a 10,000 foot jump Sunday.

The jump was Verdun Hayes’ second tandem skydive and the elderly man said it was “wonderful.”

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“I felt like I was floating,” Hayes said. “I would do it again tomorrow.” 

The veteran is 101 years and 38 days old.

Hayes completed his first jump last year, but his doctor had him leap from 10,000 feet instead of the normal 15,000.

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Hayes broke the previous Guinness World Record for the oldest tandem parachute jump this time, which was set by a Canadian man who was 101 years and three days old.

Hayes said he plans to keep jumping in the years to come. 

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